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Sometimes we believe that we’re entitled to a great life and when we don’t get what we expect, we start to treat our lives like we have no control over it. Then we get busy with “stuff” and stop trying.

Online Coaching Pros for Clients

Saving Money Compared to Traditional Coaching

Even with health insurance coverage, traditional coaching costs an average $75-150 per session (usually 45-60 minutes). On the other end of the price spectrum, online coaching can be much lower for a week for unlimited communications.

More Frequent Contact with a Therapist

Many people don’t want to wait a week to chat with their therapist. Online coaching allows therapists and clients to chat multiple times every day. This is crucial for clients who need frequent care.

It’s Convenient

Online coaching can be as easy as posting in the group. You don’t need to change your schedule. There are no commutes. If you use texting coaching, you don’t even have to schedule a session.

You Can Express Yourself In Many Ways — Text, Video, Audio and More

Sometimes talking isn’t enough to express what you are thinking and feeling. By using certain forms of online coaching, clients can write, talk with or without video, communicate in real time or asynchronously and even send pictures or videos. They can use any combinations of these mediums at any time.

You Can Start Coaching Right Away

If you use an online coaching network — especially one that doesn’t require health insurance — you can chat with a therapist only hours after signing up (sometimes sooner). The process will take a little longer if the network requires health insurance, but it should still be quick compared to traditional coaching.

The search process can be short as well. Online coaching networks have matching algorithms and specialists who take a few minutes to pair you with a therapist who fits your search queries.

With online therapists who are not affiliated with a network, the process varies depending on the therapist and potential client. It can take many hours to thoroughly search for a therapist who fits your needs and preferences. Once you find the therapist, starting coaching might take anywhere from a day to a month or more.

It Can Be Confidential

Some online coaching networks don’t require identifying information from potential clients. You won’t need to give your name. All they require is a method of payment and email.

Thousands of people prefer this approach because they don’t want to risk friends, family members or co-workers knowing they are going to coaching. The confidentiality offers the privacy, safety and comfort they want.

It’s Good for People with Social Anxiety

If the thought of meeting someone in-person or seeing them face-to-face for the first time makes you nervous, online coaching is for you. By using texting coaching online, you don’t need to meet the therapist or look them in the eye as you dig into sensitive issues.

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